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The Salish 200 is a 204 mile course around the San Juan Islands in the Salish Sea and down through Puget Sound around Vashon Island. The race was created in 2020 as a short handed event (limit of 5 crew) and is the longest race and one of the most challenging courses in the Pacific Northwest.

There are three scored courses:

Puget Sound 100: For boats that start off of Point Hudson and complete a circumnavigation of Vashon Island finishing off of Marrowstone Lighthouse.

San Juan 100: For boats that start off of Point Hudson and complete a circumnavigation of the San Juan Islands finishing off of Marrowstone Lighthouse.

Salish 200: For boats that start off of Point Hudson and finish off of Point Hudson after rounding the San Juans and Vashon Island.

The event concept is simple:

Start line: off of Point Hudson (Port Townsend)

Start time: Friday June 21st at 7pm GPS time (0300 Zulu)

Finish cut off: Sunday June 23rd at 9pm (50 hours of sailing)

Crew limit: None - let's go TP-52s!  Double handed boats will be scored as a class in addition to overall.

Eligible Boats: All coast guard approved sailing vessels. Motors are not allowed on the course unless required for the safety of the crew or vessel.

Course: Figure 8 around the San Juan Islands (Round The County marks) and Vashon Island. Direction and order is entirely up to you: you can start going north or south and transit the islands clockwise or counter clockwise.

Marks: Boats shall record their GPS time by taking a picture of a GPS enabled device when passing any of the following weigh points:

- Patos Island Lighthouse: crossing Longitude 122.95 deg W north of Latitude 48.79 deg N
- Neil Point Vashon Island: crossing Longitude 122.49 deg W south of Latitude 47.33 deg N
- Marrowstone Lighthouse: crossing Latitude 48.101 deg N after rounding one of the above marks
- Point Hudson Finish: crossing Longitude 122.75 deg W between Latitude 48.113 and 48.116 deg N after round all marks listed above

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